Your Jack Russell’s Obedience Training

Since Jack Russells were bred to hunt, they are extremely active, vocal, and prone to digging and chasing, which can all contribute to aggression. The wild Jack Russell isn’t known for being very compliant, but with the right training, a Jack Russell can become very civilised. this post is an excellent resource for this.

Typical Obedience Problems

Here are some things to think about before getting your new puppy. This breed is well-known for its:

When you’re around other dogs, you’ll notice that you’re acting aggressively.
Jacks may have an impulsive nature that causes them to get into fights with other dogs.
They enjoy leaping and snapping.
Jacks are easily agitated, and they can jump into the air or even bite at you as a means of entertainment.
Interested In Chasing

The Jack Russell’s hunting instincts make it vulnerable to hunting anything smaller than it, particularly cats.
This is just a partial list of the popular obedience problems that your dog may have. Even though most dogs have these instincts, you’ll be relieved to learn that these problems can be resolved by training.

The Importance Of Educating Yourself

Since Jacks are naturally naughty, the only way to civilise them is to teach them proper obedience. As soon as possible, begin practising, as Jacks thrive on repetition and continuity. Jacks are incredibly sensitive and fast learners, but they also have limited attention spans. This means that training sessions should be frequent but short, and if you stick to it, you’ll be effective in no time.