The Fundamentals of Infinity Painting

When changing colours with an airless paint sprayer, having a second bucket half-filled with clean water is a smart idea. Place the intake hose gently in the clean water to avoid having the old colour all over it. Remove the airless tip and spray all of the old paint out of the hose into the paint bucket it came from. When you’re doing this, be sure to notice when the paint starts to run. When it does, point the gun into the first bucket and spray until the area appears to be reasonably clear. It isn’t necessary for it to be spotless. Infinity Painting is an excellent resource for this.

When all looks fine, clean the intake line in the clean bucket to remove the old colour. Place the intake line inside your newly painted trim.Painting exterior trim can seem to be less expensive than painting all exterior surfaces, but there are a few items to consider from the perspective of a painting contractor.

Starting with a clean surface is the first step in a quality exterior painting job, or any painting project for that matter. This necessitates the use of a power washer. You’ll almost certainly need to rent a power washer, which you can get from any big hardware or tool rental shop. To power wash, you’ll need a ladder, either an extension or a step ladder, depending on the height of your house. (or both) …a power washer can be rented for about $100 per day. Ladders can be rented for around $40 a week.

Once you have all of this equipment, power wash any surface you want to paint, making sure to use proper technique to avoid wand marks caused by the high-water pressure. To destroy and avoid mildew and mould, as well as remove chalking, use a watered-down mixture of bleach and sodium triphosphate. People always inquire, “What is chalking?”