Replacement Doors: Which One Will You Choose?

The exterior doors are the part of your house that works the hardest. They provide you with a way in, they keep out the nefarious kinds, they are your home’s first impression, and they are a weather barrier. Unfortunately, they are also the first position where issues arise in newer homes because of the demands we put on doors. Sliding Glass Door Replacement near me is an excellent resource for this.

The tradition that many home builders have of reducing costs by using inexpensive, low-quality doors is making it much more likely that relatively new doors will fail. Doors don’t sizzle. I understand why they do it. In other words, by keying in on features such as kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors, wide closets, and plenty of bathrooms, selling a house is much simpler. Nobody asks “what kind of door does it have” when they’re shopping for a home. They can, perhaps!

The good news is, replacement doors provide a quick remedy for leaking doors, locking doors, doors that won’t lock, and just about any door issue you might imagine. Perhaps better news is that, according to a recent study from Remodeling, replacement doors provide the highest return on investment of any home improvement.

But a new replacement door will boost your home’s appearance and styling more than just plugging a hole. When discussing a new door with homeowners – whether for the front of the house or the entrance to the deck or patio – before making their decision, I always advise them to consider multiple choices. Many of my clients admit to being shocked at the look of their new door and the materials available by making so many options.

The main thing to bear in mind is that, much like the original door, nothing says your new door has to look or work. You would choose to have a French door where the slider is now. Or how about a sidelight being attached to the front door? Is it right for your house to have wood, steel or fiberglass?

In all honesty, for a homeowner, picking out a new door is an exciting thing. It’s a perfect way to put a stamp on your home that is very special. It’s the family’s outward declaration that remains inside. And yes, there are the advantages of protection and reliability that come with replacement doors, but having a door that says “this is our home and we welcome our friends and family in.” is the real satisfaction.