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You’ve also seen commercials for a personal injury lawyer if you own a television or have a stereo in your car. Many individuals are uncertain, though, about just what a personal injury lawyer does and what sorts of cases they take. As such, the role of the personal injury lawyer will be established so that you can know if this is the type of attorney you should be pursuing.Learn more by visiting¬† Ozeri Law Firm Injury & Accident Lawyers

A personal injury attorney applies to individuals or organisations injured by another party, group, corporation or even government agency or institution where the injury occurred as a result of that individual, group company or government entity’s misconduct or negligence. Someone who has been hit by a drunk driver is a typical example. The drunk driver was reckless in getting intoxicated behind the wheel of the vehicle, and thus could be responsible by statute for physical or psychological harm to the injured person or individuals.

A personal injury lawyer is a specialist on a particular area of the law called tort law, which is a portion of the law dealing with civil injustices or damages to the plaintiff, property or personal reputation of others. This may also involve anyone who has been infringed on their rights. Normally, the personal injury lawyer takes claims involving medical malpractice, car accident accidents, work-related injuries and injuries caused by faulty goods. You can see that there is typically negligence on the part of the other party in any of these cases, whether it is a driver not paying attention to the road, or a company that sold a product without adequately testing it or sending it out because it was dangerous and might probably cause injury. The job of a personal injury lawyer is to represent you in bringing this case to court and seeking compensation against the party, corporation or company that has wronged you.