NYC Tree Trimming Association- Insights

The best time for tree trimming varies from tree species to another. In general, spring up to the early part of summer is considered as the best time for this type of tree service. When tree trimming and shaping is done, it’s really important that the right tools are used in order to prevent injuries both to the trees and the persons doing the job. In addition, using the proper tools will also help ensure that the tree ends up looking more aesthetically pleasing instead of the other way around. NYC Tree Trimming Association

There are different kinds of tree trimming tools available in the market today. Each one of them is designed for cutting different trees that have different sizes and varying heights.
The Tools Used For Trimming Trees
The process of trimming trees may sound really simple but it’s not. Certain guidelines need to be followed in order to ensure the safe cutting of the trees’ branches. Overall, doing the trimming job at the right place and at the right time using the proper tools will not only enhance the look of the canopy shape but will also help to promote the growth of the trees while protecting them against diseases. Below are the tools used for the job.
Mechanical Saw: A lot of gardeners nowadays own a mechanical saw, which they use for performing basic garden maintenance procedures. This is a manually-operated tool, which can also be used for trimming trees.
Chain Saw: There are two types of chain saws namely those that run on gas and those that run on electric power. Between the two, gas powered chain saws are more popularly used when it comes to shaping trees. They can be used to trim any kind of tree.

Pole Tree Pruner: This is one of the best tools to use if you’re going to trim a tree from the ground. With this tool, you can trim small to medium-sized branches even without using a ladder. A pole tree pruner is made of 3 parts namely a saw, rope, and an adjustable handle.
Lopper: This is well-suited for trimming small trees specifically those that range from 2 to 3 inches in diameter. This is also called the lopper shear or pruner lopper. This comes with a long handle and blade, which resembles that of a scissor.
Ladder: This is important to have since most of trees’ branches are too high to reach without using this tool. If you want something really good, an extension ladder is a good choice. You can use this to trim both small and large trees.