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Water main leaks in lawn irrigation and sprinkler systems are a common problem in yards, particularly on older systems or systems with valves installed in high-traffic areas. Water main leaks require a certain degree of expertise and caution, as well as the use of some common and uncommon equipment, PVC fittings and glue, and other plumbing-related materials, as well as manual labour such as digging and trenching. Have a look at Midland Lawn Maintenance Association for more info on this.

It is strongly advised that you understand the skill level required and the danger involved before attempting to fix an in-ground plumbing leak on your lawn irrigation system. You should wear shatterproof eye protection and recommend wearing gloves to protect the fingers and hands from lacerations or even serious injury. Broken pipes or freshly fused PVC pipe fittings can unexpectedly burst, hurling debris like shrapnel into the air. With adequate treatment, the majority of accidents can be prevented.

Some of the tools used for this type of repair are specialised, while others are general. Hacksaws, channel lock pliers, and a typical shovel are some of the most common tools needed. Trenching shovels, pipe cutters, and small picks are examples of specialty equipment. In tight spaces, an interesting use of traditional string or twine is to use the string as a saw. Pulling the string back and forth around the PVC pipe will simply melt the pipe where you are cutting it, requiring less digging.

In general, a PVC slip coupling, primer, glue, and possibly a slip fix, which is an expandable coupling that reduces the amount of digging required, are required when repairing a broken water supply main. More fittings, such as elbows, tees, threaded couplings, and teflon tape, may be needed for a more involved leak repair near a leaking zone valve box or at the backflow control valve. Many of these materials are available at a retail price at your nearest hardware store. These products are purchased in bulk by a specialist contractor at a wholesale price.