Know more about Touch Up Laser

I have a hormonal problem. Would laser work for me? Females who are experiencing PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) may experience slower results unless they receive medical support along with the laser treatment. However after 4-6 treatments they will notice dramatic reduction. Your hair will grow slower and much finer. These female clients can achieve excellent results over the entire body, but to remain hair free on the face, “touchup” treatments are required every three (3) to six (6) months throughout life. Touch Up Laser-Best Laser Hair Removal is an excellent resource for this.

Why is it a great option for men?

Laser hair removal can certainly be beneficial for men. Unwanted back hair, thick or excessive chest hair can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. More and more men with excessive hair feel self-conscious in our “Australian beach culture ” and therefore search for more effective and longer lasting hair removal solutions . There are many solutions that are available on the market today. However, Tweezing or waxing can be impractical and often results in unattractive breakouts or infections. Shaving leads to the quick reappearance of stubble. Laser hair removal is becoming increasingly more popular. The treatment is simple and effective offering long term results.Men who dislike shaving can also benefit from laser facial hair removal. In addition to eliminating the need to shave every day it will also prevent irritation and the development of folliculitis, in which one or more hair follicles become inflamed.We recommend at least 6-8 treatments, 6 weeks apart for a significant reduction, providing you are committed to your treatment every 6 weeks. However, if you wish to achieve up to 80% hair loss, you may require up to 12-15 treatments due to the higher levels of testosterone in the body.

Choose Genuine Laser To achieve best results be sure to choose genuine Laser for hair removal. GentleLASE delivers a laser beam on a specific wavelength. The energy that is used is much more effective and safer in destroying the hair follicle.IPL/ SPL(Pulse Light Systems) machines deliver a wide range of wavelengths and have a higher risk in damaging skin at higher energy levels. These wavelengths only operate at a superficial depth.