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The value of this has waned, just like the art of calligraphy, since the invention of portable electronics. I just finished a wonderful conversation with a friend who works for a prestigious organization as an HR manager. She told me that when inexperienced candidates (I intentionally avoided using the term ‘fresher’ because I have a curious aversion to the term) first start working at the company, they are taught the value of business communication during their induction sessions. Business/Market Communication, or ‘Marcos,’ as she refers to it in her HR lingo, has now become an integral part of everyone’s skill set.Do you want to learn more? Visit Victorville Voice Cabling Association

Internet has made the world smaller, and businesses large. In a situation where we have a huge client base, there is virtually no work that can be done without effective business contact. She summed it up perfectly right at the start of our conversation: business contact entails a continuous flow of knowledge that never ends, even after the project is completed. She goes on to describe how a business contact becomes effective business communication: BC should be logically organized and aimed at the appropriate audience, whether it is written or delivered orally. It should have a proper beginning and flow to it. A voice, email, or letter must all be addressed to the appropriate person(s) and in the proper format (s). If you need to speak with a business partner through video conferencing, you won’t be able to do so over the phone. Every mode of communication has a distinct function. Telephoning is just one-to-one, while video conferencing is one-to-all. Similarly, if an email has to be sent to the marketing director, you can’t just give it to the executive and expect him to forward it to his boss. She believes that once you begin a correspondence, you must see to it that it is completed successfully. She goes on to state that written correspondence is more reliable and lasting, and that it is recommended for all internal and external business processes to be used openly.