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Those who do not have the expertise to understand to your best advantage the ins and outs of interpreting tax codes while still keeping you within the law. Of course, everyone deserves an opportunity to gain experience, but do you really want to be the first surgeon to operate on a patient?It’s the 14th of April. You probably think you should be getting your tax stuff together pretty soon. So, you’re working late at night, collecting receipts, pawing through stacks of paper, digging under your car seat until you’ve finally got everything you need.If you wish to learn more about this, visit All American Tax Service, Elgin.

On April 15th, you go out on your lunch break to get your return prepared. Your tax preparer, who has been working for weeks at a feverish pitch, has deep circles under her eyes, her hands are shaking because of a lack of sleep and too much caffeine, and you notice a small stream of drool running down her chin. “Oh look,” she exclaims, maniacally laughing, “Another return!” And you’re thinking, “What’s her problem?” to yourself.You, my friend who procrastinates, are her problem.

She has to race around frantically now trying to keep you out of trouble because you did not have the courtesy or forethought to be ready well in advance of the deadline. And then she’s going to have to listen to you whine, because all of a sudden now you’re going to have to come up with thousands of dollars you didn’t know you owed. Do yourself a favour, do it early to get your return done. You don’t have to send it until the 15th of April if you owe money. At least you’ll know that the tax preparer who wasn’t tired had prepared your return, you’ll know in advance what you owe, and you’ll have it off your mind so that you can concentrate on other important things.

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