Fathers and Child Custody Disputes

Although it is commonly assumed that in a child custody dispute, the courts prefer awarding custody to the woman, this is not always the case. In the past, it was known that the mother was the better candidate for full or primary custody of the baby, but this is no longer the case. If you are a father involved in a divorce where child custody is a problem, you will benefit from having an attorney representing you who has expertise and has represented other men in similar situations. Do you want to learn more? Click Corona Family Law Lawyer Association.

After his wife made several complaints about his parenting capacity, the male client in a recent Orange County, California case had almost given up hope of winning custody of his children. Following an investigation of the case, the court found that the mother had failed to uphold her children’s best interests. It was also established that the male client was responsible for the majority of the daily care of the children. The father was awarded full custody as a result of the lawsuit, an almost unheard-of win for a father in a custody battle.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is important that you closely follow your child custody lawyer’s advice. It’s critical that you don’t come across as hostile or offensive as a guy. Show your willingness to set a strong example for your children by being as civil as possible. Screaming, yelling, and yelling would only hurt your case and may contribute to the other side’s objective of portraying you as an unfit parent. Throughout the divorce and custody process, you will most likely feel angry at various points, but remaining in charge is the better choice and will greatly benefit your case.

Find a divorce attorney who genuinely wants what is best for the baby, not just the normal and predictable result, for professional support in your child custody case. If you need professional assistance in your case, make sure to ask if the family lawyer has any experience fighting for Father’s Rights. Since it is widely assumed that the courts will still favour the mother in child custody cases, it is important that your divorce lawyer has experience obtaining sole custody for fathers. Fathers’ child custody cases are typically pursued by family law lawyers who believe that the father is the better parent. This could include extensive research and interviews with family members, including the mother and father, as well as the children. This could be a more difficult situation than normal. Be certain you have an attorney that is experienced in dealing with child custody issues.