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Keep in mind that each of your pages needs to have its own title. You can’t use the same title on every page so it’ll appear as duplicate names, which search engines don’t like. Each page you build should be able to stand alone as a separate entity – or site. Next, pay attention to keywords. Many transactions cannot be completed correctly without the assistance of a lawyer. These attorneys will help with contract drafting and provide legal oversight for mergers and partnerships. Any foreign investments will be subject to primary taxation. Do you want to learn more? Click Parks Zeigler, PLLC – Attorneys At Law.

Your content should be tailored to the page’s keywords. So, though telling your prospects that you enjoy movies and which ones you enjoy will help them find you, it will not help the page’s keywords… unless they are searching for a lawyer who enjoys movies. Keep these pages focused by first writing down the page’s title, followed by the keywords you want to use. So, if you’re writing a page about “Laws in Your State,” be clear about how they relate to the page’s theme. Also, don’t make the page too long by repeating the keywords a hundred times. Maintain a natural appearance by keeping it light. Just 4 to 5 times per page is possible. Maybe a little less. If you need to employ a copywriter, do so; they will undoubtedly know how to construct a paragraph while incorporating the keywords while maintaining site optimization.

Your website should be “search engine optimised,” which is not to be confused with online marketing. Cleaning up any bad code, modifying the keywords to suit the website, and simply making sure that a search engine bot can read the site is all part of optimization. A successful SEO will tell you what your website is missing and how to improve it. Again, don’t get the two confused: an SEO isn’t the same as a SEM (Search Engine Marketer). Both marketing and optimization are used in a SEM.