A House Cleaning Checklist to Save You Time

Cleaning is second nature to some of you, and you have no trouble keeping your home tidy and organised. For the rest of us, we’re trying our best to keep up, so a visit from the house cleaning fairy will be greatly appreciated. Because this is unlikely to happen, the cleaning fairy’s house cleaning checklist is the next best thing I can do. You’ll feel less stressed and be able to clean your house quickly and efficiently if you have a list of when and how often those tasks should be completed. Visit this website https://www.fresyes.com/fresno/5-upgrades-to-increase-your-homes-value
Let’s begin with the regular cleaning schedule. The intention is not to overwhelm you, but if you do this on a regular basis, these activities will be easier to handle in small doses rather than waiting for them to become overwhelming. Clear the counters, wash or fill the dishwasher with dishes, wipe spills off the stovetop, and sweep the floor in the kitchen. After that, get rid of the paper clutter. Sort the mail, place homework and other regular papers in their proper locations, and recycle all junk mail and old papers. Hang towels, place dirty laundry in the hamper, and clean the counters in the bathroom (a bin for each person is a great way to do this easily). At the end of the drying cycle, remove the clothes immediately, fold them, and store them. This is the one thing that will save you from having to iron later! Toys should be placed in bins. Make your beds.
The chores for the weekly house cleaning checklist are listed below. Both shelves, chairs, and accessories should be dusted. Vacuum and damp-mop all of the house’s surfaces. Clean the shower/bath, toilet, sink, and fixtures in the bathroom. Spray and polish your home’s mirrors and metal finishes. Clean appliance fronts and scrub countertop appliances in the kitchen. Scrub the stovetop and the interior of the microwave. Remove any old leftovers from the refrigerator. Bed linens should be changed and washed on a regular basis. Clean the televisions and computer screens. In the garage, sweep the walkways.
Clean filthy walls, scrub handprints off frames, and wipe down woodwork on a monthly basis.
Vacuum upholstered furniture, especially beneath cushions. Mini-blinds should be dusted. Clean and condition leather furniture and polish wood furniture. Clean the insides of the refrigerator and oven, as well as vacuum and wipe down the insides of often used drawers in the kitchen. Flip your mattress over and wash your comforters, bedspreads, and mattress covers. Change the filters in your heating and air conditioning system and dust ceiling fans. Give your garage a thorough cleaning.