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The entire point of the DVW line is to get the highest possible resale value for your old VW. This is accomplished by conducting an exhaustive car history analysis that not only discloses every car part related repair and replacement but also other factors such as accidents, liens, repossessions, salvage yards and more. The goal of this report is to give you a comprehensive overview of the information you need to verify that your car is truly the only one that bears the VIN number. see here


The first thing we did was to get a VW car identification number from the Carfax to see if there were any past repairs or problems. Surprisingly we found that there were three separate Carfax reports for our car. Next we checked into the Carfax report for the VIN and there was nothing listed for our car in this report. Then we contacted VW and asked them about the VIN and they directed us to the Volkswagen VIN website. Here we were able to find out exactly what happened to our car and some other interesting background information.

It turns out that our old VW was only one of twenty-two cars that had been manufactured with the Carfax report logged for that car. It also turns out that the Carfax report was only logged for the Carfax report of the car’s maintenance record, meaning that this car was never in any accidents or trouble at all and had no repairs performed on it. In addition, none of the three previous owners had filed a claim with VW. Based on these facts it would seem that this VIN was completely erroneous as the car was never involved in an accident or had any repairs done to it. Based on these results we filed a personal damage claim to VW and obtained a payout.

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