Ultherapy For Acne

Ultherapy is an advanced form of direct energy therapy. High-frequency focused ultrasound, also called ultrasound therapy, is a non-ablative, low-impact therapeutic technique which uses ultrasonic waves of different frequencies to heat or soften tissue. HIFU is used to either increase the flow of oxygen in the blood or to kill cancerous tissue, including tumors, through mechanical and thermal mechanisms. Unlike other forms of direct energy therapy, HIFU is non invasive, non-drowsy, and painless. Unlike acupuncture, which requires the insertion of needles into the skin, HIFU uses radio frequency energy, which travels directly to the tissue. Get More Information
Unlike acupuncture, which only works on the superficial layers of the skin, HIFU penetrates deep into the skin. It heats collagen, which is responsible for keeping the skin elastic, soft, and pliant. Collagen acts as a sort of insulator, slowing the rate at which heat travels through it, and thus reducing the rate at which the skin cools. When the procedure is finished, most people do not feel a thing. However, because of the nature of ultrasound, there is the potential to have serious, permanent tissue damage, if the skin is not adequately protected.
If you are looking for a new beauty procedure that is less painful, more effective, and just as good as going to the dermatologist, look into therapy. You could save yourself some money and some aggravation by consulting with your local health care professional about this new beauty therapy. And if you win the new beauty skin tightening award, you may even win some prizes at your next competition!