Residential, Commercial And Automotive Locksmith Services

You may be shocked to hear that various kinds of locksmiths are around. For those who want a more specialized service, this is particularly important. The types of locksmiths that are available are residential, industrial, automotive and forensics, but forensic ones are uncommon as they generally deal with investigating agencies or law enforcement agencies.Get more informations of  St. Louis Locksmith Association

Residential Services

When it comes to keeping the home safe and stable, residential locksmiths are professionals. Since most homes have the normal locks mounted on window frames, the family’s safety may be threatened. In order to provide extra protection, these experts will install a double cylinder lock that requires a key inside for the door to open. In addition to this simple information, they can also re-key locks as well as replace them in such a way that they are not easily manipulated. Input gates, screen doors, sliding, as well as emergency services may also be performed.

Industrial Shopping

A commercial locksmith specializes in locks made for company purposes. Installation of panic bars, replacement of locks in file cabinets, installation of automatic closer doors, installation of safe/vault, and installation of a master-key system will be examples. Panic bars are particularly relevant because, in case of emergencies, they will provide staff with a way to escape the building premises.

Automotive Field

If you ever need a spare car key or want a substitute after you’ve lost the original car key, automotive locksmiths are the ones that you go to. These experts will assist car owners in selecting the right kind of car keys that fit their needs best. Many automotive locksmiths are familiar with transponder car keys and can also do a lower price re-programming compared to the same service provided by car dealers. They can also unlock cars, change or replace ignition locks, include laser cut keys and even provide locking services for high-security vehicles in addition to transponders.


It is important to work with a business that is licensed and has done background checks on their employees when selecting the locksmith that would better fit your need(s). This is to make sure that the business you are dealing with is legitimate, and because certain items in the house could be valuable or important documents are within vaults or safes, one is assured that someone they can trust is the person they are dealing with. Especially if you have just moved in or bought a new home or office, consider talking to someone who knows a reliable locksmith.