Replacement and repair of windows

Before making any rash buying decisions, it is in your budget’s best interest to assess your window service requirements. Many property owners make the mistake of getting their window systems removed when all they needed was a quick repair. Window retailers will often impose the notion that a property requires all new windows, promising increased energy efficiency, curb appeal, and other similar benefits. While new windows have all of these benefits and more, they do not need to be replaced right away. After all, if windows were not repairable, home and property owners would be forced to replace them any time one was damaged even slightly. Get More Information

Continue reading to find out more about the differences between window repair and window replacement. The following information is applicable to both residential and industrial properties.

Rotten windows

Moisture, mould, and a number of other factors are common causes of window rot. If you have rot, the good news is that it can be fixed. Only make sure you employ a pro to do the job. While you can conduct a preliminary inspection to determine the state and appearance of your windows, only a professional can fix window rot, jammed sashes, and broken window pieces. It’s important to remember that window rot isn’t always repairable. When the rot is severe enough, replacement is the only viable choice. As a result, it’s important to spot moisture problems and water leakage under window frames as soon as possible.

Sash Windows are Blocked

Window sashes jamming is a common issue, especially in older homes that have been remodelled once or twice. Fortunately, this common issue is typically simple to resolve, even by yourself. If your window is difficult to open or jams often, try rubbing a white candle along the bottom and sides of the window. If this solution does not allow the frame to glide easily through the window channels, the frame can be painted shut. If the seam is marked shut, wedge it open with a box knife or razor blade. A sash saw may also be used.

Decline of Energy Efficiency

Many people believe that older windows aren’t as energy efficient as they used to be. This is valid in some instances. Older windows, on the other hand, may also be just as energy-efficient if they are serviced by a handyman or general contractor. Rather than purchasing new windows to increase your home’s energy efficiency, a professional will apply caulk and weather seal your windows to keep air out and moisture out. The old caulk is usually removed and replaced with new caulk. Installing screen and storm windows will also improve a home’s insulation while being much less expensive than removing all of the windows.