Natural Supplements vs. Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When men become more aware of the health problems that are affecting their bodies, many are opting to retain a higher level of Testosterone, similar to what they had when they were younger. Because of the increased fitness and energy levels that result, this makes perfect sense. Vitality Internal Medicine – Dr. Ben Evans – Phoenix internal medicine is an excellent resource for this.

However, there are usually two strategies for raising the levels of this critical hormone – one of which is not recommended except as a last resort.

Ingesting or injecting synthetic Testosterone – a procedure often referred to as Testosterone Replacement Therapy – is not recommended. Yes, there are times when this is the only option due to medical reasons, but the preferred way is to stimulate or increase the body’s natural development.

If you choose TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), you will experience a significant rise in testosterone levels in your body, which will result in a number of undesirable side effects. The first (unwanted) result is that once your body has been saturated by a needle, it will shut down all natural production.

The second thing that happens is that your body produces a lot of Estrogen to balance out the testosterone excess. But now we’ll have two issues: no natural development of T and huge Estrogen overproduction. The body’s mechanisms are jumbled, resulting in wildly fluctuating hormone levels.

There will undoubtedly be an increase in energy and action, as well as a sense of manliness, immediately after receiving “the blow.” However, in just a few days, the body’s chemistry will change, and energy levels will plummet; depression is likely to set in, and your life will become completely demotivated in all areas.

There is no overt intake of testosterone by using over-the-counter supplements rather than medications. Rather, the procedure aims to increase your body’s natural testosterone output. Your body does not stop doing the things it should be doing, and it does not produce excessive amounts of Estrogen in any way that is harmful.
Even so, the body can soon recognise that supplements are being taken, so cycling them is a vital aspect of using natural, non-drug-based solutions. This usually entails keeping seven different forms of supplements on hand and only taking the same one once a week.