Most Noticeable Greensboro Stem Cell Therapy Association

Stem cell therapy is the administration of stem cells directly into a person’s body to cure or stop a disease or medical condition. Currently, the only approved therapy with stem cells is stem cell transplants. However, in clinical trials, stem cells from other sources have been used and shown to improve the patient’s condition, sometimes by as much as 70%. Do you want to learn more? Click Greensboro Stem Cell Therapy Association.

Stem cell products can be either stand-alone or in combination products with other therapies. Stem cell products that are stand-alone are taken directly into the body without being administered through the vagina. These include such products as ice packs, shampoos and creams. Stand-alone stem cell products can be useful for people who are undergoing chemotherapy; however, they may not be as effective as those that are obtained along with another type of treatment. For this reason, it is imperative that patients consult with their physicians before beginning a stem cell therapy program.

Additionally, there are a number of online clinics and providers that provide stem cell therapy for both men and women. Before deciding which clinic or provider to use, patients should ensure that the company has been accredited by the FDA to carry out this procedure. Stem cell products purchased over the Internet do not require a prescription; however, obtaining a physician’s consultation is strongly advised. Patients should be aware of the different procedures and side effects associated with stem cell products, as well as, the different possible outcomes when stem cell therapy is pursued. Stem cells obtained from embryos have been known to cause certain conditions such as infertility in some cases. In general, patients should seek advice from their physicians regarding all matters concerning stem cell therapy.