Make Sure Your Roofer Knows What You Want!

A homeowner should not feel confused and helpless when hiring a contractor to handle roofing repair or replacement. They need to ensure that the contractor knows exactly what is expected of them which can only be accomplished when the building owner makes the effort to obtain some basic knowledge about what such a roofing project entails so they can properly explain what they want and need to the contractor. Do you want to learn more? Click Fairborn Roof Repairs Association.

Understanding Roofing

There are some important things that a homeowner does not want to forget when discussing their roofing needs with a contractor. Following are some of those things that a building owner needs to know to understand the entire picture of the job and its costs.

Material Cost – Often times material expenses are buried within the entire repair estimate. If not clearly evident on a bid or repair estimate, the contractor should be asked for a detailed list of all materials to be used and their cost in order to avoid unwelcome financial surprises when the job is concluded. There could be additional expense for other materials such as metal flashings, underlying material, etc.

Labor Cost – The labor cost can mean the usual labor expenses that will be spent for the workers to complete the entire project. It is also helpful to discuss ahead of time with the contractor about any other possible labor costs for any unforeseen work such as installing a new drip edge, sheeting, etc.

Old Roofing Removal – The removal and disposition of the old removed materials takes time and costs money. It should be clearly established who will be responsible for that expense and whether or not it is included in the stated labor costs.

Property Restoration – The bid and contract should include a detailed description of the current condition of the homeowner’s property and an agreement by the contractor as to how the property should look upon completion of the job. All obligations on the part of the contractor to protect landscaping and any other personal property in the vicinity of the job should be listed in detail.