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It’s best to write it as though this potential vision has already happened, and you’re thanking God for the events that have transpired and the accomplishments you’ve created. Here’s an illustration: I’m overjoyed that I’ve been able to effectively develop my company with the use of a licensee model. I have 30 high-quality licensees who provide excellent service to clients and receive royalties for the business. I’ve written and published five best-selling novels, and I’m working on three more this year. I’ve put in place solid structures and processes to automate all that is routine. I’ve recruited outstanding people who love their jobs and are enthusiastic about contributing to the organization’s goals. With this high-powered squad, I am extremely efficient. I just work about 40 hours a week and spend much of my spare time with friends and family. Over the last five years, the company has expanded at a rate of 50% each year, and this trend is expected to continue. home page

Our message is well received by our target audience, and our goods and services are well received by our customers. For us, word of mouth has been an effective marketing tool. We’re making the world a better place by enabling entrepreneurs all over the world to start and grow their own successful businesses. I earn over $500,000 a year, which I fully deserve and appreciate, and I can now give back to the community by supporting causes that I believe in.You will do this by breaking down concrete and achievable expectations from the vision you articulated. Many people talk about setting goals. While setting goals is obviously critical to your success, it is only the first step. Setting the stage is pretty simple; it’s the carrying it out that people struggle with. Offer each of your goals a why and a how to make them stronger. The 1-3-5 formula is a smart one to use.