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Besides medical cannabis, there are many other ways recreational users can “indulge” their bodies. Popular edible treats include butterscotch candies, brownies, and gummy bears (these last two items are actually in fact a type of candy, but not sugar-sweetened). Other sweet treats include honey, peanut butter, and energy drinks. Many people also enjoy smoking pot. Recreational users can inhale the plant’s aromatic smoke, which has a similar effect as that of a tobacco cigarette. House of Dank Medical & Recreational Cannabis – Ypsilanti – Dispensary is an excellent resource for this.
Like any other drug, regular consumption of recreational cannabis can have some serious side effects. Although most edible treats and smoked marijuana products are sold in legally-regulated retail outlets, some regions around the world have made it illegal to buy or consume cannabis. In the US, the Controlled Substances Act prohibits the possession or sale of most medical cannabis products, including cannabis-infused topical creams, oral pills, and vaporizer devices. However, a number of states are considering legal cannabis reform, allowing medical use of the plant under strict doctor supervision. Recreational cannabis users who move across state lines for medical reasons may run into trouble if they are charged with drug trafficking or marijuana possession after traveling between states.
To avoid this problem, simply stick to buying medical cannabis that is approved by your doctor and purchased over the counter in a reputable medical outlet. Although some companies that sell medical cannabis may claim to sell recreational cannabis, it is illegal to do so under federal law. Buying medicine that isn’t sanctioned by your doctor could get you in serious trouble, and can put you in prison, regardless of whether you are using it for medicinal purposes or for recreational purposes. The safest way to buy recreational cannabis is to buy from licensed vendors operating within the confines of a lawful market – one that is fully legalized and controlled by state-regulated businesses.