Criminal Defense – What You Should Know Before You Hire An Attorney

How to Find and Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Years ago, there was a popular financial planning commercial that featured an average-looking gentleman in his pyjamas positioning a butter knife at his chest at the breakfast table while on the phone with someone describing how to make the incision. The screen divides for a few seconds, revealing that the person on the other end of the phone conversation was a surgeon. “Shouldn’t you be doing this?” says our perplexed breakfast table companion. And, in doing so, he brought up an apparent point: we entrust important problems to professionals. In that circumstances, surgery should only be performed by individuals who have been appropriately trained. When your liberty is on the line, the same is true. You need a criminal defence counsel if your life or the freedom of a loved one is in jeopardy. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Stroleny Law, P.A.

Surprisingly, when faced with the prospect of rotting in jail, some people choose to handle the situation themselves or seek the help of a buddy who has a friend who practises some form of law but knows the prosecutor. Others, on the other hand, understandably believe they require expert assistance yet approach the search as if they were looking for a good bargain on paper towels at Walmart. This is also a bad strategy. Please do not “bargain shop” while choosing your surgeon, the man packing your parachute, or the person safeguarding your freedom. You will pay in the end, believe me. It is far preferable to pay a bit more money now than to pay with your life later. It’s only money at the end of the day, and if you’re free and working, you can quickly recoup the money you spent on your defence; however, if you’re in jail, even after serving a long sentence, the few pennies you earn each day won’t amount to much.

I understand that the majority of law-abiding folks do not have a reliable criminal defence attorney on rapid dial. Lawyers aren’t all the same. We come in a variety of sizes and forms. However, it is a frequent fallacy that graduating from law school and passing the bar test endows you with some kind of inner knowledge that allows you to handle any legal situation. This is simply not true. Consider this: would you call your dentist if your head hurt and you had a continuous nose bleed? What is a podiatrist? Most likely not. Instead, you’d probably contact an internal medicine specialist or a neurosurgeon, who are trained to deal with that type of situation. The same can be stated about your lawyer.