Auto Transport – Helpful Tips

Auto transport is the method of moving a car from point A to point B using semi trucks designed specifically to transport automobiles. You’ve also seen open carrier style trucks carrying several cars drive down the highways. When anyone wants a car transported, these trucks, along with special enclosed trucks, are used to transport it anywhere in the country.Checkout see it here for more info.

The reasons for car relocation are as diverse as the owners and types of vehicles that are relocated. People in need of auto transportation include those who are unable to drive the car, do not have time, or who are purchasing, renting, or leasing a vehicle from a third party.

People who buy a car in a distant location, such as on an internet auction buying service or from a distant auto dealer; people who choose to fly or who have several vehicles to move; people transporting show cars, classic or custom cars, hot rods or motorcycles; people who move between locations seasonally, students, military, or others without the time or inclination to drive.

When anyone wants a car transported, an auto transport broker handles the logistics, finding a qualified truck and driver who is already on the road, is licenced, and has a good track record. Where possible, pickup and delivery are done door to door, or to a nearby parking lot if the truck is unable to deliver to the customers’ route.

Before you schedule your auto transport, there are a few things to think about and questions to ask:

Is the business bonded and licenced?

Is there a list of references or reviews for the company?

Is the business using terminals or delivering door-to-door?

Inquire about any extra fees or surcharges that might apply.

What method is used to collect payment?

Here are a few stats to help you save time.

Insurance is a form of protection.

Cargo insurance is provided by law for all drivers. This protects the car from any harm caused directly by the driver. This does not include damage caused by severe weather, such as hail, or road debris, such as rock chips. Insurance should not be considered an extra cost. However, you should still have private insurance on any vehicle you ship to cover stuff like a broken windshield caused by a rock or other harm that occurs due to circumstances beyond the driver’s control.