Asphalt Paving And Driveway Costs

There are many forms of asphalt paving for both commercial and residential use. Hot mix asphalt which is basically a blend of sand and limestone is used in commercial paving, usually on driveways and parking lots. This asphalt is made by mixing coarse gravel or stones together and then heating it to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit to make it pliable. After it has cooled, asphalt hot mix which is a blend of sand and limestone is poured and allowed to cool, then only the outer layer is added and allowed to set.You can get additional information at Platinum Paving – Kansas City Asphalt Paving, Kansas City.

Hot-mix asphalt pavements are more expensive than regular asphalt because it is more expensive to heat and make it pliable. Regular asphalt paving is cheaper than hot-mix because asphalt is cheaper to purchase when purchased in bulk. Hot-mix asphalt is used in residential areas such as driveways, walkways, gravel or rock surfaces, along sidewalks and on curbs. Asphalt paver’s who use this form of paving must put down a face mask to protect their eyes, face masks are supplied with asphalt paving which use sealants that prevent water from seeping under the asphalt mask, asphalt is also sealed with acrylic coats to prevent water penetration. Asphalt pavements are also laid on concrete pads that have a thickness of about three to seven millimeters to ensure a good grip on the asphalt. This pad thickness allows the asphalt to conform to the shape of the pad and remain in place.

Regular asphalt paving is done on concrete pads that are between two and eight millimeters thick and cost less than seven millimeters in price. This asphalt is brushed and raked before the first top coat of paint is applied and left to dry overnight. When the first top coat of paint is dry, another brush is used to apply the second coat of paint, followed by another overnight dry. This procedure creates an even, non-broken surface and will keep your driveway costs down.

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