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You wander around your neighbourhood window treatment shop, looking for inspiration for a new look for your windows. That’s when you know that, rather than aiding in the organisation of your thoughts, the vast array of designs and styles is causing knowledge overload! Furthermore, their names alone are enough to cause consternation.Blinds By Design, Orlando is an excellent resource for this.

We can’t help but feel befuddled by the new window treatment designs and additions. What we must do is keep up with the forms, and rather than give up, let us rejoice in the fact that there is so much more you can do with your windows now than there was previously! Let’s start by familiarising ourselves with the fundamentals of window treatments, which will make it easier for us to navigate the jargon of window treatment stores.

Then there are the drapes. Who wants a description on curtains, anyway? Aren’t we all aware of what they are? While we all have a basic understanding of what a window curtain is, we often confuse it with the word draperies.

Curtains are stationary, while window draperies may travel back and forth along the rod. Drapes can be opened to let light into the room, and they can also be closed for privacy. Curtains, on the other hand, may be opened, but only by gathering the fabric to the sides and securing it with tassels or links.

And there’s the matter of window valances. The fabric that adorns the top of the window to cover the mounting hardware of drapes and curtains is known as a window valance. These look great when paired with drapes and curtains for a more finished look. These are also perfect for layering and can be used to give blinds and Roman shades more style and design.

Cornices are similar to valances, but they are made of a different material. These are also intended to be used to decorate the tops of windows. Cornices are made out of a fabric-covered board. They do an adequate job of framing the glass. If you want your cornices to look softer and more regal, simply add more fabric as padding to make them less rigid.

Window treatments such as blinds and shades may take the place of fabric. These are horizontal or vertical slats that can be opened, closed, rotated, or folded if desired. Shades are made of cloth for a softer look than blinds, which are made of plastic, wood, or metal.


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